DealStrike reinvents how New Zealanders buy used cars.

Enter Number Plate

How to buy your next car with DealStrike

Whether you’re buying privately or through a dealership, DealStrike can help you buy a used car safely and with peace of mind.

Start your car-buying journey in three easy steps:

  1. Enter the license plate number of the car you want to buy.
  2. Enter the seller’s details.
  3. Make an offer!

Negotiate your used car purchase with ease


Dealstrike provides a platform for safe and effective communication between buyer and seller. Forget the pressure of an in-person deal. DealStrike allows you to negotiate the deal online, on equal footing.

Dealstrike allows you to:

  • Include any deal conditions (eg. must come with new tyres, must come with new WOF).
  • Select whether you want a mechanical breakdown insurance for your vehicle.
  • Negotiate your car purchase with the seller.

Strike a deal

Once a deal has been struck, Fenda will automatically provide you with:

  • A sales and purchase agreement.
  • A comprehensive Vehicle Information Report; and if it passes our checks,
  • a voucher for the vehicle inspection at VTNZ.

Completing your vehicle purchase

If the car passes the VTNZ inspection and you’re still keen to buy the car, Fenda will manage the settlement process for you as well.

This includes:

  • Transfer of ownership through NZTA.
  • Sorting the financials (if you went through Fenda for a loan).
  • Arranging insurance (if you went through Fenda for insurance).

When to use Fenda to buy a used car

You can use Fenda whether you’re a cash buyer or if you need a loan to buy the car. Use Dealstrike at any stage of the process. You can get a loan quote first, or arrange a loan once the deal has been struck.


If you use our loan service, the DealStrike process is FREE! (otherwise $199)