Fenda does the hard work for you

It’s a no brainer! Fenda is the safe way to buy a used vehicle – whether privately or through a dealer.

For buyers:

Quick and easy
Use it on any device.

Avoid stress and getting bullied into a price by using DealStrike to communicate and negotiate with the seller online.

Shop with confidence
If you’ve done a deal, we do all the checks to ensure that you’re not buying a lemon.

Get a loan through Fenda
Get access to finance options that are usually available only through motor vehicle dealers.

Protect yourself
We’ve got a range of excellent insurance products for privately bought cars and you’ll get a free VTNZ inspection when you take out a loan.

Save time
We manage the transaction between you and the seller, including any paperwork!


For sellers:

List for free
Only pay if you sell your car through our website!

Get the best deal
Use DealStrike to negotiate the best deal and communicate easily with potential buyers.

Free car checks
We market to and attract confident buyers by providing checks and an inspection at no cost to you.

Open up your options
Fenda gives buyers a range of loan and insurance options that are usually available only from dealers.

Save time
We manage the transaction between you and the buyer, arrange the change of ownership, complete the paperwork, and track the payment to you.