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Only pay $99 upon success and if your buyer uses our loan service then we pay you $150.

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How Fenda works for sellers – step by step

Improve your chances of selling your car for the price you want with Fenda. List for free and negotiate online with no stress. If you’re not getting the offer you want, tell the buyer they can get loan through Fenda. We’re here to do everything to make selling your car simple and successful.

Give us your licence plate, email address, vehicle details and photos and we’ll get your listing page set up and looking great. Vehicles need to be from 2004 or later.

We’ll run a free check to see if the car’s got a current WOF and rego, make sure the odometer is legit, and check if there’s any debt owing or recorded damage.

Those findings will be shown on your listing page so buyers can shop with confidence.

When a buyer is interested, they can contact you to view the car, then send you an offer through DealStrike and you can negotiate a deal and conditions online – no talking to tyre kickers or face-to-face haggling required.

Once you’re happy, accept the offer! The buyer can the apply for a loan from dtr finance and purchase insurance – just like at a car dealership but we handle everything.

When their loan is approved and if for a private purchased vehicle, we’ll arrange a free VTNZ inspection for your car.

Then you sign your agreement and we’ll do the rest! We’ll track the payment from the buyer and once that’s complete, transfer ownership.

That’s it! Fenda makes it that easy to sell a car privately.

Who should sell through Fenda?

To keep the quality level high and insurance at great rates, Fenda only lists cars from 2004 and later. So it’s perfect for:

Private sellers
People who want to sell their later-model vehicles privately.

Bulk importers who want to bypass traditional car dealerships.

Rental & Lease
Lease and rental companies that want to sell end-of-line vehicles.

Businesses that want to sell end-of-line vehicles.

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